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A Message for the bride, 

As a child, you have loved adventure. You were the tomboy, playing with the boys in the neighbourhood. Mom would dress you up, but there was no way that outfit was going to stay clean. 

As a teen, people would say it couldn't be done, but you were up for any challenge - game on! Your heart still belonged to adventure; possibly, snowboarding, skateboarding, or biking with the guys. You had one or two close girlfriends, but they kept up to your wild, adventurous soul!

Then came adulthood, you went to post-secondary school, which kept you busy for the majority of the time, but you found that one person to escape to the mountains with on the weekends, the one that would run the tracks with you at night, or in the early A.M.... you found you soulmate, and now...

You guys like simple and love to relax! You value genuine memories, and love to capture your guys' adventures along the way. The great abyss is where you guys love to be, and  You have decided to marry each other and continue this journey, because nature is forever where you guys are at peace, you are adventure soulmates!

Now all you have left to do is hire a photographer - Chic perspective is all about simplicity, natural, lifestyle captures, because life is more fun not posed! Just be yourself ;) and that is why chic perspective is best suited for you!
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