Lifestyle... is it for you?

Let's start by defining what lifestyle is: lifestyle is the way in which a person lives.

Everyone has a story, their story  may intersect with others creating this beautiful timeline of events that include their morals, beliefs, traditions, sorrows, loves, triumphs, and adventures. 

My goal is to capture theses events as is, without disruption, in order to achieve the exact emotion(s), interactions, and body language happening. This helps the image speak you and not someone else. 

By capturing these images, I hope that they can forever be resurrected from your memory as you look at them again and again, and are brought back to this beautiful moment of smells, sounds, sites, and touch, where you once shared a special memory with those in your story, and yours in theirs. 

If this resonates with you, then lifestyle is for you!

Here is a little introduction of myself, and How photography chose me.